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Menu - Large Portions Little Money

AppetizersLunch and dinner

Only the best fried foods in town!!

**Signatures Wings - $7.99

Signatures Award-Winning Wings Bone-in or Boneless in your choice of our Signatures Sauces (Mild, Med, Hot, Pyro, BBQ, Teriyaki, Garlic-Ranch & Chipotle)

**Supreme Nachos - $5.99 & $7.99

Available in Small or Large. Fresh cooked Tortilla chips served with Beef or Chicken. Topped with cheese, jalapenos, onions & tomatoes, black olives. Comes with a side of Salsa & Sour cream

Garlic Mushrooms - $7.99

Deep fried Mushrooms with a hint of garlic that will melt in your mouth

**Pasta Chips - $6.99

Just like you remember this is a Signatures Favorite! Pizza dough with Marinara or try our Cinnamon/Sugar Desert Chips!

Chicken Quesadilla - $7.99

With diced chicken, Cheese, onions and jalapenos

Veggie Quesadilla - $7.99

With cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions & peppers

Deep Fried Pickles - $6.99

Breaded Spears served with ranch dressing


**Cheddar Bacon Fries - $5.99 & $7.99

Available in Small or Large. Fries loaded with Bacon & Cheese.. Does it get much better?

Chips and Salsa - $4.99

Our fresh cooked Tortilla chips and House made Salsa

**Chicken Tenders $7.99

Tossed in your choice of our Signatures Sauces (Mild, Med, Hot, Pyro, BBQ, Teriyaki, Garlic-Ranch & Chipotle)

Loaded Potato Skins - $8.99

Bacon & Cheese topped with a side of sour cream

Cheese Triangles - $7.99

Breaded and deep fried mozzarella cheese served with a side of marinara

Bacon Skewers - $5.99

Five pieces of thick Applewood Bacon on skewers with our house recipe glaze

Signatures Spicy Spuds - $7.49

These mouth popping bites of deliciousness are filled with diced potatoes, cheese and chopped green chiles then deep fried

BurgersLunch and dinner

Our burgers are Fresh Certified Angus Beef brand burgers cooked to order. All burgers are served with fries or choice of side. (Substitute Curley Fries, Onion Rings, Side Salad, Soup or Mixed Veggies for an additional $1.49)

**Signatures Slammer - $10.99

Our Signature Burger topped with an Egg, Bacon, Pastrami, and Swiss cheese. (dont worry we'll serve this one with a knife)

Works Burger - $9.99

Ham, bacon, black olives and banana peppers covered with swiss, cheddar, American and provolone cheeses

Blues Burger - $8.99

Topped with bleu cheese crumbles, and provolone cheese. A blue burger that will surely put a smile on your face.

Texas Burger - $8.99

Crisp Bacon, cheddar cheese, & BBQ Sauce make this burger a tasty treat

Shroom Burger - $8.99

Topped with swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms and grilled onions

**Chicken Cordon Bleu - $8.99

Chicken breast topped with Ham, Swiss cheese and a side of honey mustard

**Buffalo Chicken - $8.99

Grilled Chicken breast with Lettuce & tomato tossed in your choice of sauce (Signatures Sauces - Mild, Med, Hot, Pyro, BBQ, Teriyaki, Garlic-Ranch & Chipotle)

SandwichesLunch and dinner

All sandwiches are served with fries or choice of sides. Make it a Wrap for.49 (Substitute Curley Fries, Onion Rings, Side Salad, Soup or Mixed Veggies for an additional $1.49)

Ray's Rueben - $8.99

Corned Beef, Turkey or Smoked Turkey, w/ Kraut, Swiss, 1000 Island or Grilled Rye

Hot, Hot, Pastrami - $8.99

Pastrami, Swiss, Onion, Pickle, Tomato-Mayo, on Grilled Challah

Signature's Club - $8.99

Roast Beef, Smoked Turkey, Ham, Swiss, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, on Wheat

Kevin's Way - $8.99

Hot Roast Beef, Swiss, Provolone, Horsey Sauce. Make it Kickass and add Jalapenos & 1000 Island dressing. (Make it a wrap for an additional .49)

Deli Slam - $8.99

Turkey, Pastrami, Corned Beef, Slaw, Swiss, 1000 Island

Rochester - $8.99

Salami, Smoked Turkey, Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato on Grilled Wheat

**Buffalo Wrap - $8.99

Grilled or breaded chicken, Tossed with your choice of sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, Cukes, onion and Shredded Cheddar. (Signatures Sauces - Mild, Med, Hot, Pyro, BBQ, Teriyaki, Garlic-Ranch & Chipotle)

Turkey Bacon Club - $8.99

Toasted Challah, Tomato, Mayo, Cheddar & Lettuce. Make it a BLT for $6.99

Aggies Option $8.99

Smoked Turkey, Cheddar, Black Olives, Cheddar, Mustard Honey on Grilled Challah

**Tuna Melt - $8.99

Tuna Salad and American cheese on rye

Monte Kristen - $8.99

Turkey and swiss with onions, pickles,tomatoes and mayo. Served on grilled challah bread

PizzaLunch and dinner

Best pizza around - 8 Inch Cheese - $7.99 (Additional toppings .99 ea), 12 Inch Cheese - $10.99 or Gluten Free $12.99 (Additional toppings $1.49 ea), 16 Inch Cheese - $14.99 (Additional toppings $1.99 ea)
Additional toppings: Onion, Peppers (red, green, banana), Green and Black Olives, Ham, Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Jalapenos, Bacon and chorizo.

Four Amigos Pizza - $16.99

Taco Meat, Salsa, Onions, Jalapenos, and Cheddar

Miata Pizza - $18.99

Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, and Cheese

**Veggie Pizza - $17.99

Tomato, Onion, Green Pepper, Green and Black Olives. No meat substitutions

Eric's Sub - $8.99

Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Banana Pepper, Italian. Can sub Turkey for Ham. Comes with a side

Veggie Sub $8.99

Cukes,onion, shrooms, black olives,lettuce, tomato. Provolone cheese and italian dressing. Comes with a side

Pizza Sub - $7.99

Marinara sauce, Mozzarella & Pepperoni on an open faced sub bun. Comes with a side

Salads, Baskets & SidesLunch and dinner

Baskets are served with fries or choice of side. (Substitute Curley Fries, Onion Rings, Side Salad, Soup or Mixed Veggies for an additional $1.49)

Available Dressings - Ranch, French, Bleu Cheese, 1000 Island, Honey Mustard & Parmesan Peppercorn. Fat Free and Lite dressing options available upon request.

**Chef Salad - $8.99

Ham, turkey, cheddar, swiss, onions, tomatoes, cukes, and a boiled egg top this crisp salad

Buffalo Tender Salad - $8.99

Chicken tenders tossed in your choice of sauce with cheddar, swiss, onions, tomatoes, cukes & croutons (Signatures Sauces - Mild, Med, Hot, Pyro, BBQ, Teriyaki, Garlic-Ranch & Chipotle)

Steak Salad - $9.99

Aged strip steak topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, cukes & croutons

Grilled Chicken Salad - $8.99

Grilled Chicken, cheddar, swiss, onions, tomatoes, cukes & croutons

Cobb Salad - $9.99

Chicken and Bacon topped house salad with crumbled Bleu cheese and egg

**BLT Salad - $8.99

Bacon, romaine lettuce and tomato, tossed in our ranch style dressing


Fish and Chips Basket - $9.99

Seasonal breaded fish with a side of fries

Mini Burger Basket - $8.99

Four Angus Beef burgers topped with sauteed onion, cheese & fries OR Four spicy Chorizo burgers with pineapple chutney & fries

Little Chicken Basket - $8.99

Chicken tenders & fries

**Side of Sweet potato Fries - $1.89

Side of regular Fries - $1.89

Basket of Fries - $2.59

Side of Onion Rings - $2.49

Basket of Onion Rings - $4.99

**Baked Potato Salad - $1.89

Macaroni Salad - $1.89

Garden Salad - $5.99

Coleslaw - $1.89

Cottage Cheese - $1.89

**Homemade Soups - $3.99

Beers on TapView our wide selection
Shots and CocktailsView our wide selection


Grape, Cherry, or Jaeger

washington apple

Crown Royal Canadian whisky, Sour Apple Pucker schnapps


Vanilla Vodka, watermelon pucker

blue smurf

Ouzo anise h4queur, Blue Curacao

white gummy bear

Peach Schnapps, Raspberry vodka

Swedish fish

2 ounces blackberry schnapps, vodka

new york apple

Crown Royal(r) Canadian whisky, Sour Apple Pucker schnapps

red headed slut

Jaeger, schnapps, cranberry

pineapple upside down cake

Vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, grenadine



Top shelf martini made as only our Signatures mixologists can make it. Specify if you prefer Grey Goose vodka or Hendricks gin for your ultimate martini experience.


Classic or strawberry margaritas.


Consists of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy.

Sex on the Beach

Vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and orange juice.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Pinnacle Choc Whipped Vodka, Frangelico, Salt Rim.

Sexual Chocolate

Pinnacle Choc Whipped Vodka, Razzmatazz.

Dirty Bong Water

Captain Morgans, Amaretto, Blue Curacao, Razzmatazz, Sour & 7.